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由COASTAL的技术工程师维修、校准,更改量程的质量流量控制器和压力/真空计.将由COASTAL无条件的满意保证提供支持。 •加快服务包括3天(高峰期)和24小时的紧急服务提供额外的费用。 •一般服务10到15个工作日的服务时间 •可获得ISO 17025认证的校准数据 •N.I.S. T可追溯性和ISO 17025认证 •质量流量控制器的使用、操作和故障排除的技术信息 •销售和服务、维修的质量流量控制器,包括停产产品 •提供校准证书。 •电话咨询每周7天,每天24小时。 Repair, Calibration & Range Changes performed by factory trained technicians of mass flow controllers and pressure/vacuum transducers, backed by our 100% UNCONDITIONAL SATISFACTION WARRANTY. Expedited service including 3 day RUSH and 24-Hour Service for emergencies is available for an additional fee. Call us for details. General Service 10 to 15 working day turn-around Calibration data accredited to ISO 17025 is available Sales and Service of N.I.S.T Traceable and ISO 17025 Accredited Transfer Standards Technical Information on the use, operation, and troubleshooting of mass flow controllers Sales and Service of refurbished mass flow controllers including recently discontinued Legacy products by Unit Instruments/Celerity, Tylan/Millipore/Mykrolis, and Brooks Instrument Certificate of Calibration with service report information. Telephone Consultation available SEVEN DAYS A WEEK, 24 HOURS A DAY.
24小时加速服务 在非常紧急的情况下,COASTAL公司会加快服务,让你生产按计划进行。你的质量流量控制器将会在接下来的工作日内寄送给你。 ·此项服务COASTAL需要索取加急费用 一般服务需要10- 15个工作日 当您不需要紧急服务时,我们的10到15个工作日的一般服务时间将满足绝大客户的需求 。 购买项目 Coastal出售可靠、准确、经济的登录。我们提供的质量流量控制器由我们的专家测试,以满足我们公司设定的严格的要求和程序,并得到我们100%无条件满意保证的支持。 我们有很多库存的最受欢迎的型号包括最近停产的品牌与型号。如果您在我们的产品清单上没有看到您所需要的型号,请与我们联系。 24 Hour Expedite Service When you have a deadline to meet, Coastal Instruments’ Expedite Service is there to keep you on schedule. Your mass flow controller will be shipped back to you the following working day. Additional fee 10-15 Working Day General Service When you do not require emergency service, our 10 to 15 Working Days General Service is perfect for those who want to rely on steady production scheduling, synchronized deliveries or delivery of less critical shipments. Build Programs Coastal Instruments reconditioned mass flow controllers are dependable, accurate and economical. Our Reconditioned mass flow controllers are assembled by our specialists to meet stringent requirements and procedures set by our company, and are backed by our 100% Unconditional Satisfaction Warranty. We have a large inventory of most popular models including the recently discontinued Legacy products from Unit/Kinetics/Celerity, Tylan/Millipore/Mykrolis, and Brooks Instruments. If you don’t see what you need on our list of products please contact us with your specific need.  
100%无条件让客户满意的保修 客户满意是我们的最高追求。我们平台为您的质量流量控制器提供高质量的服务。如果您对我们维修的的质量流量控制器不完全满意,我们将提供专家服务,并保证不需要额外人工费用。 我们提供的100%无条件让客户满意的保修,基于我们我们对客户诚信的认可。我们相信我们客户了解登录不在保期范围内,我们真诚地希望这种信任不会被滥用。 请注意,质量流量控制器的使用寿命不是永久的!正确的清洗、安装、使用正确的lehu66乐虎和适当的操作压力对你的质量流量控制器可以使用到最大寿命是至关重要的。此外,由于lehu66乐虎的腐蚀性和/或堵塞性质,在某些lehu66乐虎(如HCl、BCl3、Cl2和SiH4)中,质量流量控制器的平均预期寿命降低了。我们相信您在要求保修维修时考虑这些因素。 我们请求反馈,积极并有建议性的反馈,我们将不断改进。 100% Unconditional Satisfaction Warranty Customer Satisfaction is our highest priority. We are dedicated to providing high quality service to your mass flow controller. If you are not completely satisfied with the operation of your mass flow controller, serviced by our specialist, we warrant its repair at no labor charge. Along with our 100% Customer Satisfaction Warranty goes our trust in our customer’s integrity. We trust our customer’s judgment in the determination of a warranty repair and we sincerely hope this trust shall never be abused. Please note that the average lifetime of a mass flow controller is not forever! Proper purging, installation, use of correct gas and appropriate operating pressure are vital to the maximum life of your mass flow controller. Also with certain gases (such as HCl, BCl3, Cl2 and SiH4) the average life expectancy of a mass flow controller is decreased due to the corrosive and/or clogging nature of the gas used. We trust you to consider these factors when requesting a warranty repair. We solicit feedback, both positive and feedback for improvement at all times.
接收并检测质量流量控制器,并对其进行外观检查。 质量流量控制器信息录入系统,生成一个工艺单,匹配适当的标准和适用的校准数据。 如果需要,预校准数据将被记录并提供 (附加费用)。 质量流量控制器完全拆开、清洗 更换所有密封件并对质量流量控制器重新组装 lehu66乐虎电流与硬件调整。 所有的电子部分/机械部分调整都需要满足客户的要求。 质量流量控制器测试是否漂移。 按原厂标准进行预检漏测试。 由校准系统自动出具COC证书 包装及运输 质量流量控制器在防静电包装袋中密封。 证书与登录再次进行装袋密封。 我们服务全部按高标准质量控制系统来进行。 我们的清洁和校准程序分为四个过程:(1)清洗,(2)组装,(3)校准,(4)装运 The mass flow controller is received and visually inspected for damage. The mass flow controller is logged into our computer, which generates a worksheet displaying the proper standard and applicable calibration data. If requested, pre-calibration data is taken and graphed per customer request (additional fee). The mass flow controller is disassembled and chemically and ultrasonically cleaned. All seals are replaced and the mass flow controller is re-assembled The sensor current and bypass adjustments are made. All electronic/mechanical adjustments required to meet the customer specifications are made. The mass flow controller is tested for long-term drift. Calibration is performed at each calibration point with a calibration cover installed. Pre-shipment leak testing to the manufacturer’s specifications is performed. A Certificate of Calibration summarizing the calibration data and repair report is generated for your analysis and records. Packaging and Shipping The mass flow controller is doubled bagged in anti-static sleeving, and sealed. (All removed parts are sealed and returned in a separate bag). The mass flow controller is then, double wrapped with bubble wrapping, boxed and packed with Styrofoam. We utilize a unique (100% in-process) Quality Control System. Our Clean & Calibration procedures are divided into (4) processes: (1) Cleaning, (2) Assembly, (3) Calibration and, (4) Shipping Each process is inspected for defects or faults before it is transferred to the next station.
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Coastal Instruments 是一家专业平台进口lehu66乐虎质量登录、压力lehu66乐虎等lehu66乐虎的技术服务与销售公司。

Our technology, reliability and integrity, have made us the recognized leader in the calibration of flow and pressure measurement devices.

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